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Allentown Community Food Pantry

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Allentown Community Food Pantry

Allentown Community Food Pantry
The Allentown Community Food Pantry desires to be the hands and feet of the church of Jesus Christ. Our primary mission is to follow the example of Jesus by serving local neighbors in need. One of the largest food pantries in the county, it is located in the lower level of the APC Cornell House. Hours: Monday and Wednesday 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

The pantry accepts food from FULFILL of Monmouth and Ocean Counties as well as individual donations. Members are encouraged to make food and/or cash donations. Cash donations allow the food pantry to take advantage of large discounts offered by the FoodBank to buy bulk food for an average of 18 cents a pound. The pantry is open to any individual or family who is experiencing financial hardship and finding it difficult to buy groceries. The pantry is run by an all-volunteer staff.

Allentown Community Good Neighbor Fund
The Allentown Community Good Neighbor Fund is a mission of the entire community of Allentown and its churches. Our aim is to provide emergency financial assistance to those in severe distress due to monthly utilities, rent, and medical bills, and unexpected expenses. The Good Neighbor Fund is distributed through the Church office at the Allentown Presbyterian Church, 20 High St. Allentown NJ. 609-259-7289

Since its inception 20 years ago, HomeFront has worked to break the cycle of poverty and end homelessness in Central New Jersey. HomeFront utilizes all segments of the community to accomplish its mission of providing comprehensive programs which enable formerly homeless families to become independent, contributing members of the community. APC works with HomeFront each year to provide families with everything from food, goods and services to assistance in locating jobs and housing. Our congregation supports families through children’s backpack and Christmas drives, monthly High School fellowship/mentoring visits, ROCK caring kids’ projects, linens, home goods, clothes and furniture, as well as financial support throughout the year. Together, we are trying to break the cycle of poverty in the area. We pray continued support for these families in need.

To learn more about Homefront check out their website

Seeds of Faith Garden
The Seeds of Faith Garden was created with the vision of helping those in need locally. The purpose of the Seeds of Faith Garden is: to address hunger needs by providing fresh, organic produce to the community through the APC Food Pantry; to provide an opportunity for the community of all ages to participate in a local mission; and to provide agricultural education to the children and youth of our community. They typically grow about 1500 lbs of vegetables and fruit a season, which is picked fresh the mornings the food pantry is open. This supplements all the other donations of food provided by the community and the scouts. The scouts have also contributed to the food pantry with Eagle Scout construction projects; an irrigation system, the permanent trellises for beans, the gate and sign and more. They rely totally on volunteers to plant, maintain and pick the produce. Interested in helping? Contact Heidi Fusco-Espinoza/Fernando Espinoza (609) 481-8601 [email protected]

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