Positive Youth Development Hub


Brendan Ward, Program Manager, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Coastal & Northern NJ 


The Positive Youth Development (PYD) Hub works to promote a system that supports all school-age children, ensuring youth will be living in a permanent home, achieving in school, and connected to their families and communities; fostering positive pathways to economic and social independence with strong and responsible family and community ties during the transition into adulthood.



Social and Emotional Support 

Find Employment!

Join a Youth Group!

Rays of Hope – Alina De Zoysa, Rays of Hope ([email protected])

  • Dedicated to the positive advancement of youth through community service

Rising Voices – Pam Major ([email protected])

  • Dedicated to raising awareness about issues of social justice

Office of Family Voices Youth Council – Kaysie Getty ([email protected])

  • Dedicated to honoring the lived experiences of youth who have interacted with child protective services

Suicide Prevention Youth Council – Susan Tellone ([email protected])

  • Dedicated to suicide prevention for children and teens

Click for art created by talented youth in Monmouth County! *PYD Youth Showcase