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Second Life Bikes

(732) 776-6878
Asbury Park

Second Life Bikes is a biking community center in Asbury Park where people connect to each other, build skills, join group bike rides, learn bike safety, and create bike art and custom designs that can support new social enterprises. Our mission is to get more people (especially youth) on bikes, more often, while encouraging people to repurpose old bikes and bike parts, rather than discard them.

Our goals include the following:

  • Providing youth with positive opportunities and recreational activities
  • Improving health and fitness, and building an appreciation for physical activity as a way of life
  • Enhancing leadership development skills
  • Developing self confidence and a sense of self empowerment
  • Enhancing eye-hand coordination and impart first-level applied mechanical and math skills;
  • Create a welcoming, fun, and inclusive atmosphere where “play” becomes a way to break through social barriers

Second Life Bikes is also designed as a revenue generating center (a used bike sales and repair shop) and is a hub in the community. This is where people drop-off and donate their old bikes, and/or where they come to shop for a repurposed bike. Once inside the door, they are connected to our shop and appreciate the youth programs, as well as what we need to grow. Please come and visit us to see for yourself.

Eligibility Free to youth who volunteer 15 hours at the shop.
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Last Updated: 02/16/19