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Marilyn's Place

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Marilyn's Place

Opened on September 4th, 2018,  Marilyn's Place is a place run by survivors of sexual and physical abuse.  Our survivor-led support groups offer comfort and support, and are free of charge.  From the first phone call to the first visit, everyone a potential group member encounters is a survivor who has put the time and work into healing, and understands what their members are struggling through.     

Marilyn's Place also provides social events as well as workshops - also free of charge - in order to provide our visitors with much needed information as well as the opportunity to socialize. 

Anyone interested in learning more about what we offer can speak with a staff member at 732-962-3115.  We are not a shelter.  We are not a safe home.  But, we are here to help you take the steps needed to get back to living your happiest life possible.

Last Updated: 11/02/18