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My name is Dovid Gold and I have worked for the last five years in New Jersey, Passaic County initially as an LAC and then as an LPC doing Intensive In community Counseling. 

My education is in counseling with a specialization in art therapy and I have found using art and play therapy useful in integrating the general plan for helping clients.  Past experience was with a range of clientele, such as Hurricane Sandy victims, hospice patients and patients who choose to benefit from a child life center within a hospital.  All these experiences have aided and expanded my understanding of how to be an effective IIC. 

I use an eclectic therapeutic style that emphasizes an SFBT and positive psychology approach because have found working on expanding on goals, positive interactions and expectations within the client’s lives leads to faster, satisfying outcomes.  When necessary I use CBT and interpersonal techniques when it is applicable to the client’s needs. I have helped both children and families cope with grief, stressful life transitions and gaining skills in communicating and coping with conflict.  I teach parents about parental management techniques. 

My work as an IIC often is with young adolescents and children aiding them to cope with frustration and anger by learning stress reduction techniques, having an emphatic audience and giving them the tools to communicate their feelings and needs.  I have often worked with high-level autistic clients to enable them to get better insight about themselves and others along with teaching social skills.  Within the IIC role have worked both with individuals, their families and at times aided within the school to help children or help the school determine the best services or plan to benefit youth in the educational setting.  I find the benefit to IIC work is the ability to be flexible in how the IIC works with the client and within which setting and as such find that very flexible gives an opportunity for positive change.

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Last Updated: 11/27/19