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Preferred Behavioral Health Group

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Preferred Behavioral Health Group

We have been working to meet the unique needs of families and children since 1978. Our mission is to deliver quality and compassionate behavioral health services to individuals and families all the time through a Trauma-Informed Care philosophy and approach.

Substance Use Services
Providing comprehensive assessments, case management, treatment, recovery management, relapse prevention for individuals struggling with an addiction. Facility is located in Ocean Township. Call 732,367-4700.

The SAIL Program services adolescents aged 13 to 17 with behavioral or emotional issues. SAIL strives to meet the emotional needs of these young people and develop coping skills needed to lead healthy, productive lives. We focus on maximizing personal growth and coping skills.

Children's Mobile Response and Stabilization Services
This program provides crisis intervention and stabilization services to youth (birth to age 21) exhibiting severe emotional or behavioral disturbances that threaten to disrupt their current living arrangements. To access services, please call the statewide, toll-free hotline at 1-877-652-7624. Mobile Response and Stabilization Services provide 24-hour services. 365 days per year..

Visitation Program
This program serves families who are required to have supervision in order to visit with their children. The goal of this program is to maintain regular contact on a planned basis between the child, parent, family members, and/or significant others that will reinforce the plan of reunification, help the child to maintain a sense of family identity, or determine other permanent plans for the child.

Healthy Families
Healthy Families serves to prevent abuse and neglect of children under three years of age by providing early risk identification and intervention to families at risk. Assistance to at-risk parents is provided to promote positive child development for their infants and young children. The program staff ensures that families at risk for child abuse and neglect receive appropriate health and supportive services as well as identify and build on family strengths and support parents as the primary caregivers and nurturers of their children.

Project Independence
This program is designed to give adolescents ages 14-20 a head start for responsible living as young adults. Each participant is given a comprehensive independent living skills assessment to determine life skills proficiency levels. Intensive training is then provided through both educational groups and individual skills training sessions. Participation in the program is at least six months long but can continue as long as the youth's commitment to obtaining the goal is evident.

School-Based Youth Services
The School-Based Youth Services Programs address the social and health needs of teens in a comprehensive, one-stop shopping, non-stigmatized manner in their school setting in order to promote healthy youth development. These programs provide a full array of behavioral health and social services to the students and their families within the Lakewood and Brick school districts. These services include but are not limited to individual, group, and family counseling, case management, substance abuse services, college exposure, job readiness training, and recreation.

Family Friendly Center
The Family Friendly Center is a collaborative effort between the Lakewood Board of Education and Preferred Children's Services. The center provides after-school programming in six core component areas, including Academic Remediation, Academic Enrichment, Cultural and Artistic Activities, Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Physical Activities, Positive Youth Development, and Parental Involvement. The usual activities include snacks, homework assistance, mentoring, arts and crafts, assorted enrichment activities, and recreation (outdoors if weather permits).

Preferred Center for Children and Families
PCCF is an outpatient mental health program providing youths age 4-18 and their caregivers in Monmouth and Ocean counties with the assistance, support, and education to manage behaviors, depression, anxiety, domestic issues, and other disorders in a nurturing health-focused environment.

We offer a highly specialized network of treatment and support services to match your specific need. Our staff of psychiatric prescribers and therapists are here to ensure the best results. Call 732.785.1900

Wrap-Around Services
This service is customized to meet the individual needs of the children and their families within the community. These services include traditional individual and family counseling, in-home therapeutic services, companionship services, and parenting training. Call 732.367.1710 ext. 9300

Teen Intervene
A tested, time-efficient, evidence-based program for teenagers 12 to 19 years old who are experimenting or experiencing mild substance use, covering all drugs but with a special focus on alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco use. The program is completed in three to four sessions and is designed to work with the teen. Parents or guardians are included in the last session. Scholarships are available. Call 732.367.1710 ext. 9300

Fit to Return
Contracted Services with local school districts primarily in Monmouth and Ocean counties to provide psychological assessments in 24-48 hours to determine emotional fitness to return to school. Call 732.367.4700, ext. 3133

Prevention First
Evidence-based programs for children that address topics such as substance use/misuse, violence, harassment, healthy relationships, school and social failure, intimidation and bullying, and more. Call 732-663-1800, ext.2180.

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