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King's Table

Kings Table Kids -Phil & Joan Calise

We do events for ages 2-18. Once a year, we do a Valentine's Day Respite to bless the parents of those with special needs. And no, you don't have to attend our church in order to be part of King's Table events. We'd love to see you and your family come!

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King's Table Adults - Dave & Vicky Mahler

For those 18+ with special needs, we do events to keep them involved as well, even after they graduate the King's Table age group.

Sunday Viewing Room

Our main worship sanctuary offers a Viewing Room that is available for families with infants, or for those that may have special needs. This room is reserved exclusively for parents with infants or families with special needs to enjoy the Sunday service in a more private and quiet environment.

Looking to Volunteer?

We'd love to get you plugged in to helping with King's Table!

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Last Updated: 02/10/24