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Ignite One: Health, Wellness & Recreation

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Ignite One: Health, Wellness & Recreation

Health Education/Wellness Coaching specially designed for youth and young adults with anxiety/depression, ADHD, obesity, diabetes, chronic conditions, and behavior challenges. Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Programs that support mental health, behavior. challenges and social-emotional learning.

We are committed to educating the community on positive lifestyle choices and delivering impactful programs that motivate individuals to create happy, healthy, and wholesome lives.

Individualized Wellness Coaching
Specifically for youth and adults with health and behavioral challenges. Participants receive a personal wellness roadmap to address their specific needs. This is a TEAM effort with family, care managers, and clinicians. This addresses key factors that directly impact health outcomes, behavior change, self-esteem, and social integration. 

Therapeutic Recreation
Evidence-based therapeutic intervention that uses diverse and engaging activities, such as art, music, sports, to enhance a person’s physical abilities, independence, and overall well-being. Self-expression and recreation through the arts, movement, and integrated modalities, including yoga, mindfulness & meditation, music, fitness, dance, & storytelling. Great support for youth of all abilities.

Special Workshops:

  •  "Mindfulness & Stress Reduction"
  •  "Laughter Therapy"
  •  "Just Breathe"
  •  "Creating Happiness"

Small-Group Yoga Sessions

  • Practice Mindfulness, Meditation, and Yoga.
  • Conveniently scheduled on weeknights (evenings) and weekends.
  • Small groups with specific theme sessions and focus on: stress reduction, anxiety, anger management, communication skills, increased ability to focus and concentrate.

Ignite One Youth Recreation Program

Summer Recreation Programs:

  • Increasing the capacity of Youth to socially connect, be self-expressed, and have fun!
  • Recreation, Wellness, and Community.
  • Fun, Relaxation, Experiential Learning.
  • Recreation & Friendship

Small groups of youth are lead in sports, games, engage in music, visual art or take field trips and helping one another learn new skills.

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  • Monmouth Cares
  • Partnership for Children of Essex
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