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HABcore, Inc.

By providing permanent housing and individualized support, HABcore helps homeless families, veterans, and individuals with special needs move through crisis to stability, giving them the opportunity to improve their lives. HABcore, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

HABcore works closely with several health, social service and other non-profit agencies in a mutual commitment to provide quality supportive services in an atmosphere where our residents can develop into emotionally healthy individuals.

After admission, new residents go through an orientation period to get a better assessment of their medication management (when indicated), self-care living skills, and their social interactions with other residents.

Class C Boarding Homes
The boarding homes serve approximately 50 people in Red Bank and Asbury Park. The boarding homes are licensed to serve meals and have 24-hour staff coverage to provide an individual level of support for each resident. The primary goal of HABcore’s homes are to help our residents reach independent living when appropriate.

HABcore achieves a family-like atmosphere through shared tasks, communal dining, a resident’s council and a structured community household. HABcore educates our residents in daily living tasks. They learn job-search skills and computer training. Residents are expected to participate in outside activities such as volunteering, a job, a rehabilitation program, and/or enrollment in school.

Independent Living Program
These are “graduate” facilities for our former boarding home residents and other qualified candidates that provide the opportunity to live in a supervised, but more independent, setting. At these facilities, Case Management Services are provided as appropriate. The Independent Living Program is currently offered through the HABcore apartments in Red Bank, NJ and Keansburg, NJ. It is also available through the rent subsidy apartment program in scattered sites throughout Monmouth County.

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Last Updated: 05/28/24