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180 - Turning Lives Around

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  • Domestic Violence
    (888) 843-9262
  • Sexual Violence
    (888) 264-RAPE
  • 2NDFLOOR Youth Call and Text Helpline
    (888) 222-2228

180 Turning Lives Around, Inc. is a private, non-profit charitable organization dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence in our community. 180 is committed to providing services to individuals and families affected by domestic and sexual violence. In addition, 180 works to mobilize concerned individuals, organizations, and civic and religious groups to join our effort to end violence and abuse through public education, public policy reforms, and training of allied professionals.

Since its inception in 1976, 180 has provided model programs in the field of rape care and family violence. As the sole provider in Monmouth County of a wide range of comprehensive services to individuals and their families relating to domestic and sexual violence. 180 is the only agency in the County available on a 24-hour, 7 days per-week basis. The Agency remains the only Emergency Shelter in the County that offers a protected safe home for battered individuals and their children. 180 offers a wide array of programs concerned with positive approaches to safety and recovery from assault in all situations.

(888) 222-2228 ?(Call or Text)

180’s 2NDFLOOR® Youth Helpline is a statewide, confidential prevention helpline open to any topic, and targeted to assist youth ages 10-24. 2NDFLOOR® matches popular modes of youth communication (phone, message board, text messaging) with the support young people need. Staff and trained volunteers provide 24/7 support, advice, and comfort, and steer callers to community resources they might not have known existed.

Safe House
(732) 264-4111 or (888) 843-9262
When domestic violence forces individuals, children, and families to leave their homes, 180’s Safe House is a safe haven. The Safe House features 12 individual family bedroom suites with private baths, a communal kitchen, dining and living areas, laundry facilities, a teen “rec” room, two creative arts therapy studios, counseling rooms, a computer/library resource room, individual storage units for each family, outdoor playground and garden. Individuals and their families can stay for a period of 30-60 days in a confidential location. Residents are provided with counseling, advocacy, and assistance in finding housing. Art therapy and counseling are available for children.

Families in Transition (FIT)
(732) 264-4360 x 4402

In addition to fearing for their safety, many women stay in abusive relationships because they fear homelessness and financial instability. 180’s Families in Transition Program provides women and their children with a safe home for up to 18 months. Support services include career counseling, financial management, life skills training, and assistance in obtaining housing.

Family Court Liaison Program
(732) 264-4360 x 4667 or x 4668

Court proceedings can seem confusing and intimidating. 180’s Family Court Liaison Program (located in the Monmouth County Courthouse in Freehold) can provide you with information regarding your legal rights and options including temporary restraining orders, domestic violence-specific counseling, court procedures, and crisis intervention. Social service information, referral, and criminal justice advocacy can also be provided. In addition, Staff may provide accompaniment for a client through the court process in the Freehold Family Court and in several local municipal courts.

Family Justice Center
(732) 264-4360 x5000

The Family Justice Center is located on the lower level of the Monmouth County Superior Courthouse L-49 in Freehold. Appointments are not necessary. All individuals seeking services will be screened by security personnel prior to entry, to ensure safety, and children are welcomed. Additional visits may be scheduled once we assess your needs and jointly plan for your services. We provide referrals to our partner organizations and supporting agencies and offer: individual and group counseling, linkages for employment services, food assistance, child care, housing, and spiritual support. All FJC services are provided free of charge.

Domestic Violence Counseling
(732) 264-4111 or (888) 843-9262

Counselors provide support, education, and advocacy to assist victims to regain control of their lives. Short-term individual supportive counseling, as well as a variety of support groups, are offered.

Culturally Sensitive Counseling
(732) 264-4360 x4006

The Shore Regional Outreach Program, serving the Long Branch and the surrounding shore area, provides culturally relevant services to Spanish-speaking clients. Our bilingual staff helps ensure that cultural differences and language are not barriers for victims seeking our services.

Amanda's Easel Creative Arts Therapy Program
(732) 264-4360 x4005

Creative arts therapy – music, play, and art – is proven to be a great support and intervention for children who have witnessed domestic violence. Counseling, case management, and support services for the non-offending parent/caregiver are also provided in this specialized program, helping children and families heal from the trauma of violence.

Domestic Violence Liaison Program
(732) 395-3196

The liaison assists DCP&P (formerly known as DYFS) caseworkers in assessing for family violence in alleged child abuse cases. Located at two DCP&P offices, the liaison provides on-site case consultation, safety planning, domestic violence education, referrals, and advocacy for non-offending parent and their children.

Sexual Violence Counseling
24/7 Hotline (732) 264-7273 or (888) 264-RAPE (7273)

180 counselors are experts in helping clients with sexual trauma and recovery. Short-term individual supportive counseling and support groups are offered.

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