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Say It With Clay

Say It With Clay is a non-profit organization whose mission is to help people with diverse special needs benefit from the therapeutic power of clay. Revealed through a level of relaxation, this process creates pride, success and motivation for healing. Utilizing a hands-on therapeutic approach with clay, we  offer clients effective alternative channels for communication in our studio, or at your location.

Some of the Invaluable Benefits of Clay Include:

  • Gives people a voice to tell a story
  • Helps discover individual style
  • Generates healing
  • Improves socialization skills
  • Creates pride
  • Builds patience
  • Promotes problem solving skills
  • Promotes positive peer interaction
  • It makes people happy
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Gain 3-Dimensional perspective
  • Non-threatening material
  • Enhances fine motor skills
  • Creates ownership
  • Helps develop life skills by using a youth development approach
  • Creates a safe atmosphere
  • Something to look forward to
  • Creates spontaneity
  • A way to speak without saying a word
  • Anyone can do it - there's a true artist inside everyone!

Working with a 3-dimensional material such as clay offers an atmosphere that is non-threatening, safe, fun and therapeutic. With patient and nurturing instructors, freedom of expression and relaxation are easily achieved. Creative juices quickly begin to flow and masterpieces come to life, offering clients increased self-esteem, a strong sense of ownership, and a great boost of pride.  

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Last Updated: 12/30/17