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Beat the Streets Asbury Park (BTS-AP)

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Asbury Park

Beat the Streets Asbury Park (BTS-AP) is committed to helping establish a youth wrestling program at the Martin Luther King Middle School in Asbury Park. Beat the Streets - AP will attempt to foster the holistic development of student-athletes by providing the resources to support athletic training coupled with an academic tutoring program within schools and local recreation.

Beat the Streets - AP will partner with the Asbury Park School District to establish and sponsor a wrestling program. Wrestling enables student-athletes to grasp the importance of respect, hard work, discipline, sacrifice, teamwork, and the concept of accountability, all critical factors in character development.

To complement the wrestling program and further aid in that process of character development, Beat the Streets provides a Tutoring/Mentoring Program that provides personalized support for the most engaged student-athletes. Tutors/Mentors meet with their student on a regular basis to provide support that is specific to each student=s needs including academic tutoring, preparation for a variety of standardized tests, and career and educational guidance in addition to focusing on the development of standard [email protected] skills.

Last Updated: 03/09/18