Monmouth County Announces New Monmouth Stigma-Free Website

Monmouth County is excited to share the new Monmouth Stigma Free Website

The Monmouth County Stigma-Free Initiative is a countywide program that aims to reduce the stigmas associated with mental illness and substance use disorder. We are dedicated to raising awareness of the diseases of mental illness and substance use disorders to create a culture wherein residents feel supported by their community and neighbors and feel free to seek treatment for the diseases without fear of stigma.

This website offers several ways for you and your community to join the Stigma Free Movement in Monmouth County.

  • Start a conversation about mental illness and substance abuse with your friends and family by sharing the website and talking about what it says. 
  • Challenge your friends, colleagues, businesses, schools, and organizations to sign the Stigma Free pledge.
  • Individuals and businesses can fill out a Stigma Free pledge found on the Toolkit tab on the website. 

Once it is signed, the county is asking that it be scanned and returned to Pamela Major at [email protected]

Talk to your local government about becoming a stigma-free community.

Municipalities can click on the Toolkit tab on the website for a resolution template to declare their community is Stigma-Free. 

Once the resolution is approved, please send a copy of the signed resolution to Pamela Major at [email protected]

This is a great way to start conversations about mental illness and substance abuse.