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Garden State Equality (GSE)

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Garden State Equality (GSE)

Garden State Equality lifts up the diverse voices of LGBTQ+ communities through education and advocacy to advance the movement for equality in New Jersey and nationally. We work tirelessly to ensure the communities we serve experience lived equality.

Garden State Equality is the largest LGBTQ+ advocacy, education, and wellness organization in New Jersey, with over 150,000 members. Established in 2004, we are now one of the most successful statewide LGBTQ+ civil rights organizations in the nation.

Our services include advocacy, policy work, and trainings. We work to address safe environments for youth, improvement of health services that meet LGBTQ+ community needs, and respectful treatment of seniors. Beyond that, Garden State Equality supports New Jersey’s activist community by bringing an LGBTQ+ lens to the shared struggle for justice.

All our current work is informed by racial, economic, and disability justice concerns. We envision a vibrant and diverse Garden State with full equality in the law and LGBTQ+ residents of all backgrounds experiencing equality in their lives.

Garden State Equality is a member of the Equality Federation.

Communities Healing Together
Garden State Equality's Communities Healing Together team partners with organizations and community members in Asbury Park, Camden, and Newark to spread understanding of trauma and to engage community members in creating healing-centered action.

Education & Youth Development

Changemakers DEI Youth Leadership Initiative is open to incoming 10th through 12th graders across the state. Student delegates will participate in social justice workshops, create action plans, and build summer camp friendships to last a lifetime.

Days of Change
Days of Change is an in-school program where student-driven workshops bring a diverse group into one room. We will develop a strong appreciation of our differences, and discuss how we can work toward bettering our communities through acceptance and relationship building.

Educators for Equality
Educators for Equality is a growing network of over 670 LGBTQ+ individuals and allies across New Jersey. This group connects educators who are seeking support, networking, and workshop opportunities to continue to create safe and inclusive spaces in schools.

Youth Advisory Board
The Youth Advisory Board is for students who are passionate about making change in their communities. Our Advisors play a pivotal role in informing, planning, and expanding our youth programs throughout the state of New Jersey.

Health Equity & Wellness

Affirming Healthcare Map
Garden State Equality’s Affirming Healthcare Map is a directory of healthcare providers that have proactively identified themselves as LGBTQ-friendly. Some have also been trained by Garden State Equality staff on best practices in LGBTQ+ care. Users can filter the directory by specialty or simply search by location to see the nearest providers.

Elders for Equality
The mission of Elders for Equality is to empower LGBTQ+ older adults and older adult care providers to advocate and educate for LGBTQ+ aging issues throughout New Jersey.

Older Adult Care
The cornerstones of successful aging include health and well-being, economic security, and social connectedness. Garden State Equality works with long-term care facilities to help them give the best care possible to LGBTQ+ older adults and older adults living with HIV.

Tobacco Cessation
Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease, disability, and death in the United States. Garden State Equality has partnered with New Jersey’s Department of Health and its Office of Tobacco Control to identify and eliminate tobacco-related disparities among the LGBTQ+ community.

Vulnerable Populations
Our work with vulnerable populations includes advocacy around HIV decriminalization, sex workers' rights, housing equity, and cannabis justice.

Trans Resiliency

The FAMILIES project aims to create a safe and understanding space where parents can explore and embrace their children's unique identities with acceptance and love.

Name and Gender Change Assistance
We partner with local organizations to provide assistance with name and gender marker changes to trans and nonbinary youth and adults in New Jersey.

Trans Resiliency State Alliance
By uniting transgender organizations across the state, the Trans Resiliency State Alliance aims to amplify the collective voice of the transgender community, create meaningful change, and build a more inclusive and affirming society for all.

TranscendU: Empowering Trans Students in Higher Learning
The TranscendU program is designed to uplift and support transgender and gender non-conforming college students which uses a holistic approach that addresses their unique needs and challenges in academic spaces.

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