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Asperger's Social Skills Group for Children (ages 9-12)

Asperger's Social Skills Group for Children (ages 9-12)

Studies have found that these groups are effective in improving social skills, behavior, and emotional functioning. The session content and structure of these groups utilize evidence-based practices with a focus on self-esteem and respect building, personal responsibility, emotional awareness and managing emotions, communicating and understanding the thoughts and feelings of oneself and others, recognizing and addressing bullying, and creating positive peer relations. Parents are provided with the course content and weekly skill development activities that support treatment objectives and which help the child to generalize new skills outside of the group setting.

To make a referral or for additional information, call Dr. DeSantis at (732) 431-2663 x122.

Eligibility Children ages 9-12. Currently running, accepting referrals.
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Last Updated: 08/13/21