RFP: Capacity-Building: Improve the Capability of New Jersey's Behavioral Health Care System to Meet and Respond to the Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis Needs of Individuals with I/DD and their Families

The New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities (NJCDD) announces a funding opportunity of up to $225,000 (excluding required match) over 18 months for a qualified entity to develop project(s) designed to improve the capability of New Jersey’s behavioral health care system to meet and respond to the mental health and dual diagnosis needs of individuals with I/DD and their families, including those in urban and rural areas of the state.

In accordance with Goal 3, Objective 5 in NJCDD’s Five Year State Plan for 2022–2026, the NJCDD is currently accepting applicants to propose:

Projects that will provide information, and develop and deliver training, for healthcare/community organizations to provide wraparound patient support and/or navigator support for children and adults with I/DD and behavioral concerns.