NOTICE: U.S. HUD Community Planning and Development Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program Funding Available

A notice of a funding opportunity was posted on the New Jersey Department of Children and Families' website: 

 U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Planning and Development Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program

 Please click on the link above or visit to view information about this funding opportunity and how to receive a letter of support from DCF for your eligible project. (If the link does not take you directly to our Web site, please copy and paste the address in your Web browser.) 

DCF is willing to consider a letter of support/ commitment for the grant. 

Please provide a sample of the letter you wish DCF to provide on or before 05/01/2022.  No requests will be considered after that date.  

DCF reserves the right not to provide any letter of support or commitment at its discretion.  Such a determination will be made by 6/1/2022 so that your application can be completed.

Due Date for Applications: 06/28/2022 

Once HUD announces the selected communities, communities will have a total of 6 months to submit a coordinated community plan. Communities may request up to a 3-month extension of this deadline by emailing [email protected]