New Jersey Integrated Care for Kids (NJ InCK) Launches

Introducing New Jersey Integrated Care for Kids!

The health and wellbeing of your child is very important. Keeping them healthy means going to the doctor, but also making sure they have good food to eat, and safe places to live, learn and play. It also means that those who take care of them have what they need to be healthy too. 

NJ InCK (pronounced “New Jersey Ink”) is here to help you by bringing together YOU, your child’s doctor, and organizations in your community, from schools to food pantries. NJ InCK helps doctors and community-based service providers better understand and support your child’s health. This helps you to make sure your child gets all the different types of care they need to be healthy.

NJ InCK is offered to all children aged birth through 20 enrolled in NJ FamilyCare/Medicaid who live in Monmouth or Ocean counties.

NJ  InCK Interest Form