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Looking for workplace violence prevention training? Worried about cost and the difficulty of scheduling courses? ALESI can help! We have received a grant1 from OSHA to provide workplace violence prevention training to anyone in the health care, mental health and social services professions at no cost to you. We offer three courses that are geared to help workers and supervisors to take advantage and not only receive training at no cost, but CEU’s and a certificate to validate the courses you have taken.

These courses meet the New Jersey State requirement for annual training pursuant to the New Jersey Violence Prevention Act, P.L. 2007, Chapter 236. In addition, to the requirements passed on the Health Heroes Violence Prevention Act to train annually to prevent violence in the workplace. These courses also fulfill the Joint Commission Accreditation requirements.

The courses focus on the OSHA Prevention of Violence in the Workplace. These courses are taught every Monday and Tuesday of every month. A schedule is attached for your convenience. The schedule also has a QR Code that allows you to request the training from us. The courses are as follows:

a. A two-hour introductory course for new employees or students

b. A three-hour advanced course for the experienced employee or students

c. An eight-hour course for the manager, supervisor or employer Our courses are taught in four languages for your convenience in English, Spanish, French and Hebrew.

The courses are taught online or at our headquarters at the address above. Courses may have from at least five to forty participants at one time. All courses are taught live in order to have the participation of each be fully interactive. Each course has group work that is engaging and in which the participants practice what they are taught. T