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August 29, 2023  

White House picks 10 drugs Medicare can negotiate

The Biden administration on Tuesday tabbed 10 commonly used prescription drugs, including some that treat diabetes, for price negotiations with their manufacturers in a bid to put the brakes on rising costs for Medicare recipients.

August 25, 2023

"Are the kids alright? A look at teen mental health in New Jersey"

"Forty-two percent of New Jersey teens have reported feeling sad or hopeless almost every day for two weeks in a row." MHANJ's Robert Kley and Jaime Angelini were honored to discuss teen mental health on a recent episode of the Community Foundation of New Jersey's podcast, Jersey Gives a Damn.

August 22, 2023  

SAVE Repayment Plan Offers Lower Monthly Loan Payments

The SAVE Plan replaced the Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) Plan. Borrowers on the REPAYE Plan automatically get the benefits of the new SAVE Plan. The SAVE Plan includes multiple new benefits for borrowers. The changes below will go into effect this summer. Additional benefits go into effect in July 2024.

August 21, 2023  

Eris, BA.2.86: Do I need to worry about COVID again?

The World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are tracking a new, highly mutated lineage of the virus that causes COVID-19. So far there is no evidence that BA.2.86 spreads faster or causes more serious illness than previous versions. The CDC said its advice on protecting yourself from COVID remains the same.

August 16, 2023  


Working as Parents With a Plan, Fluharty and a team of professionals she assembled four years ago are scheduled to present a plan to address the long-term housing needs of people like Ryan, a “higher-functioning” person with autism who’s now 21 years old.