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RockStars Rising

Music lessons are much different from music therapy sessions; however, we often see therapeutic benefits while using our unique teaching methods. Areas of improvement can included motor skills, emotion regulation skills, social and communication skills, independence skills, and attention skills.

What separates RockStars Rising from any other music school is our teachers hold a certification (IBCESS: General Education/Autism Certification, A Certification for Educators and Licensed Professionals) and is required to play a minimum of three instruments. Because communication is so important in our RockStars Rising program, each student is encouraged to learn to play at least three instruments. Many times we find a student may express themselves better on an instrument they never considered playing. Exposure to guitar, bass, drums piano and vocals allows the student to choose which instrument they would like to play to express themselves. Essentially giving the student all of the tools for success! For example, if an individual feels they want a soothing session, they may choose to play piano that day. If they want to just ‘let go’ and be a RockStar they may want to get behind the drum set. We feel this gives the student the freedom of expression. We encourage every student in our program to learn as many instruments as they’d like, giving him or her the option to play whatever instrument they like, whenever they want to. What better way to express themselves?

Last Updated: 11/03/17