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Bilingual therapist with over 20 years of case management and counseling experience providing in-home individual/family counseling utilizing CBT and DBT techniques to assist individuals in understanding their emotions and behaviors so they can gain the necessary skills to manage and cope with life's changes. 

Life's changes often create challenges that may be traumatic for some that can generate overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression that can cloud our ability to perform our best and create achievable goals. These overwhelming emotions can also create maladaptive behaviors that can impact one's safety and overall well being.  Learning how to understand and manage these emotions is key.  I am able to offer children and families creative/fun ways to do this in a non-threatening manner that allows them to feel comfortable enough to let their guard down and trust the process. 

Knowledgeable in Bowen's Family's Systems Theory that looks at generational patterns of behaviors and thinking that may have created maladaptive patterns of survival as well as underlying levels of anxiety and depression.  Fully knowledgeable of the Latino community and the cultural stressors that often create parent-child conflicts and the inability to fully understand the nuances of mental illness. 

I am currently on the Child Study team which affords me the expertise of the Special Education Process and classifications that does carry over into the home.  For example a student that presents with low language or processing abilities may not be able to carry through with the expectations parents may place on them at home which often is perceived as a behavioral problem when in fact they may not fully understand what is expected.  

Eligibility CSOC Provider
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  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
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  • Self Pay
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  • Spanish
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  • Monmouth County

Last Updated: 02/10/20