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New Behavioral Network

New Behavioral Network is a premier provider of IIC and BA Mental Health services; as well as ISS and IIH Behavioral Health services through the NJ Children’s System of Care.

All our IIC therapists are licensed level clinicians who are dedicated to the well-being of the 4-21 year old youths that we serve!

New Behavioral Health Programs Available

  • Child Mental Health Program - IIC, BA
  • Behavioral Consultation Program - BCBA, BCaBA, BI

What sets NBN apart from other CSOC providers?


Our Child Mental Health Program has been meeting the needs of struggling youth and families in New Jersey since 2003.


Therapists from Child Mental Health (LCSW, LPC, LMFT, BA) and Behavioral Consultation (BCBA, BCaBA, BI) often confer on cases to provide clearer understanding of strategies available to support our youth.

Licensed Professionals

Our Child Mental Health Program employs only licensed clinical level professionals; LCSW, LPC and LMFT, ensuring successful outcomes for New Jersey’s youth and families! Our therapists use “pre and post” assessments to track progress and identify areas of need.

Trained BA’s

Our Behavioral Assistants are trained by LCSW’s before they sent into the field. This is a unique practice in the Children’s System of Care that brings multiple benefits to our families!

Our licensed clinical staff provide:

  • Strength and Needs Assessments as per CSOC guidelines.
  • Intensive In-Community Services with or without BA support, to address:
  • Emotional regulation development
  • Parental/Caregiver skill development for neurotypical youth
  • Symptom reduction for many behavioral diagnoses such as: ADHD, Oppositional Defiance, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, PTSD, Sibling Conflict, School Phobia and related issues.
  • Problem-solving skill development
  • Adaptive and coping skills
  • Social Thinking Skills for diagnosed and undiagnosed spectrum youth
  • Psycho-educational instruction and parental training related to managing behaviors of a youth with spectrum-related issues.
  • Suicidal ideation.
  • Issues related to Adoption and/or Foster care placement

NBN Behavior Consultation Program – ISS and IIH Services

Behavior Consultation Services are available to youth who have been determined eligible for CSOC Division of Developmental Disability (DDD)

Our Behavior Consultation Program is often referred to as NBN’s “Autism Program,” even though we serve children with other developmental disabilities and behavioral challenges.

NBN seeks to help each youth reach his or her full potential while teaching and empowering parents/caregivers to manage their child’s challenging behaviors. Our Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) strategies are designed to meet the needs of children on the Autism Spectrum as well as most Pervasive Developmental Disorders with behavioral challenges.

Individual Support Services (ISS) – assist the youth with acquiring, retaining, improving and generalizing the behavioral, self-help, socialization and adaptive skills necessary to function successfully in the home and community. Caregiver/family involvement is extremely important and should occur from the beginning of treatment and continue throughout the service delivery.

Intensive In Home Services (IIH) for DDD youth. Services address complex needs and challenging behaviors including but not limited to: physical/verbal aggression, self-injurious behaviors and inappropriate sexual behavior.

Eligibility DDD Eligibility required for Behavioral Consultation Services. All services provided through PerformCare
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Last Updated: 09/26/18