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MY Learning Team [Psychoeducational Testing/Consultation/Intervention Services)

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Our Consultation services aim to help you navigate your child's learning, behavior, or emotional concern(s).

Our Evaluation services include initial screenings, developmental reading assessments, selective testing, or comprehensive evaluations based on specific referral concerns, whether academic, social-emotional, or behavioral. Drs. Mascolo and Young collectively have experience offering assessments ranging from early childhood (Pre-K) through adulthood.  While Drs. Mascolo and Young may conduct evaluations independently, they maintain active collaboration throughout to maximize the depth and quality of expertise that is brought to your evaluation.

Our Intervention Planning services focus on creating tailored plans to address learning, attention/executive functioning, and/or social-emotional/behavioral needs. Intervention plans can be newly designed and developed concurrent with an evaluation or existing plans can be reviewed and adjusted based on identified needs.  While plans can be implemented across home, school, or other settings (e.g., tutoring), Drs. Mascolo and Young also offer short-term, solution-based sessions aimed at building self-advocacy, behavior management or executive function skills.

Dr. Jennifer Mascolo is available 5 days per week to offer individualized services to children and families and Dr. Lauren Young is available 2 days per week to provide individualized parent training along with select collaborative services delivered along with Dr. Mascolo.

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Last Updated: 07/24/20