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Mental Health Association of Monmouth County (MHAMC)

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Mental Health Association of Monmouth County (MHAMC)

The Mental Health Association of Monmouth County (MHAMC) is an affiliate of Mental Health America and the Mental Health Association in New Jersey. The MHAMC is dedicated to promoting mental health as a critical component of overall wellness, including prevention services for all, early identification and intervention for those at risk, integrated care and treatment for those who need it, with recovery as the goal. Our mission is accomplished through strength-based programs, education, advocacy, community partnerships, and the shaping of public policy.

Supervisor: Carly Brodsky, LCSW, LCADC, (732) 542-6422 | Fax (732) 542-2477

Community Support Services (CSS) provides free services to Monmouth County residents 18+ years old who have been diagnosed with a serious mental illness. The program goal is to assist the individual in achieving and sustaining independence, as well as community integration, to ensure satisfaction and personal fulfillment. Each consumer has individual needs, so the CSS team works with them to create an Individualized Rehabilitation Plan.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Skills Development in Daily Living Skills
  • Skills Development in Neighbor and Landlord Relationships
  • Advocacy
  • Linkage & Referral for Community Based Services
  • Development of a Support System in their community

Supervisor: Luz Velasquez, (732) 383-5135 | Fax (732) 383-5108

The Red Bank Resource Network (RBRN) is a community walk-in center that builds strong families through housing and financial stability. RBRN provides free financial coaching and enhances financial competency through hands-on, educational workshops, which help clients manage money, increase income, find better employment, and improve housing opportunities.

RBRN hosts quarterly provider council meetings with various community agencies from Monmouth County to discuss programs, community updates, and share resources.

Supervisor: Ewa Farry, (732) 542-6422 | Fax (732) 542-2477

The Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness (PATH) program provides free case management services to Monmouth County adults 18+ years old who are diagnosed with serious mental illness and are homeless (or at imminent risk). The program provides linkages aimed at developing stability and remediating homelessness for the individual.

Individuals referred to PATH must not currently be involved with case management.

Supervisor: Hannah Haimann, (732) 787-2007 ext. 3331

The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Initiative (APPI) is an early intervention program, in collaboration with Keansburg High School, which focuses on healthy relationships, pregnancy prevention, skill development, and youth empowerment.

MHAMC provides individual and group counseling to Keansburg students, assists with crisis intervention, and focuses on helping individuals achieve their goals.

Supervisor: Valkiria Bezerra, (732) 542-6422 | Fax (732) 542-2477

The Intensive In-Community (IIC) program provides free in-home individual and family therapy for adolescents to strengthen, preserve, and provide stability for the family unit. The program seeks to prevent children living with emotional challenges from being placed in a hospital or substitute care-giving arrangement.

Any family in the State of New Jersey is eligible. To participate in the free service, call (1-877) 652-7624 and request the Mental Health Association of Monmouth County as the provider.

Supervisor: Marie Argibay-Boccasino, Grandview (732) 787-4580 | Pine Tree (732) 876-3617

MHA Social Services offers a broad range of community development, social services assistance, and recreational services to the residents of identified, set aside units for the homeless population. The program goal is to prevent the cycle of eviction, hospitalization, and/or homelessness.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-clinical counseling and case management
  • Local resource information and application assistance
  • Community outreach services through workshops and events
  • Children’s interpersonal and educational enrichment activities

Supervisor: Ewa Farry, (732) 542-6422 | Fax (732) 542-2477

The Housing Navigation Program (HNP) prioritizes and assists homeless individuals and families in obtaining permanent housing. All individuals and families are referred through Monmouth County’s Department of Social Services’ Central Intake Unit, a sheltering program in Monmouth County, or the PATH program.

Supervisor: Jessica Kostenblatt, LCSW (732) 542-6422 | Fax (732) 542-2477

Family Crisis Intervention Unit (FCIU):
(732) 542-2444 office / After hours: (732) 996-7645
A youth diversionary program that stabilizes families in crisis by intervening, assessing, counseling, and referring to resources prior to involvement with the Monmouth County judicial system. FCIU puts youth ages 10 through 17 on a path to wellness through development of interpersonal relationships, academic success, and advancement opportunities.

Parent-Child Conflict Resolution (Wrap-Around Program):  
In-home counseling and case management are provided by licensed clinicians to youth ages 10 through 17 for up to 16 weeks. Referrals to the Wrap-Around program are made through MHAMC’s FCIU program.

School Truancy Reduction and Diversion/PASS:
School-based early intervention group services are provided within targeted Monmouth County school systems to address chronic absenteeism in youth ages 10 through 17.

Family Navigation (FN)/Family Engagement Program:
(732) 996-7646
Based at Monmouth County Superior Court with the Family Division, the Family Navigation program provides free supportive services to parents/guardians of youth involved with the juvenile justice system’s programs and court. 

Supervisor: Dustin Knoblauch, (732) 542-6422 | Fax (732) 542-2477

IFSS provides professional consultation to families of adults 18 years and over with serious mental illness. Support, education and advocacy services from licensed professionals assist families in understanding their family member’s mental illness and navigating systems of care.  IFSS provides ongoing educational workshops and support groups. 

Supervisor: Nicole Nolan, (732) 542-6422 | Fax (732) 542-2477

Lifelines is a free, evidence-based suicide prevention program that educates Monmouth County school communities on assessing youth and adult suicide risk. Lifelines builds resiliency and develops competent communities that identify and respond to local needs related to suicide prevention.

Supervisor: Laine Happel, (732) 542-6422 | Fax (732) 542-2477

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an eight-hour training program designed to identify the risk factors associated with mental health and substance use concerns. Participants develop strategies for crisis interventions and gain the resources needed to address mental health issues prior to reaching crisis points.  

Supervisor: Nancy Tighe, (732) 542-6422 | Fax (732) 542-2477

Navigate Wellness Counseling offers traditional outpatient services in a confidential and secure setting, with a focus on early intervention. Our team of professional counselors uses trauma-informed care and evidence-based treatment to address client concerns.

Navigate Wellness Counseling accepts Medicaid, Medicare, and out-of-network (OON) insurance options, as well as cash, checks, and all major credit cards.

Supervisor: Luz Velasquez, (732) 383-5135 | Fax (732) 383-5108

MHAMC’s DCP&P Wrap-Around Program facilitate intensive family case management and advocacy to families of the Division of Child Protection and Permanency. Case managers deliver, refer, or provide services in the following areas:

  • Mental health
  • Housing
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Financial
  • Family / Social
  • Others as needed

Referrals are accepted from DCP&P only and available to Monmouth County families.

Age Groups
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Seniors
Community Services
Family & Support Services
Health Services
Behavioral / Mental Health
Crisis / Safety
Intellectual and Developmental Needs
Treatment Services
In-Community Services
Treatment Settings
  • Home
  • Office / Practice
  • School
Payment Options
  • Medicaid
Language Spoken
  • Spanish
Areas Served
  • Monmouth County
  • Ocean County

Last Updated: 04/21/20