Socialization Group

Managing Difficult Emotions

Managing Difficult Emotions
This anger management group targets adolescents who demonstrate difficulty managing anger emotions. Group members will be introduced to key concepts and definitions to understand anger and aggression. Participants will be encouraged to practice new communication skills and utilize tools that reduce risks of violence or threats of violence. Weekly assignments will be given to increase control over thoughts and actions. It is anticipated that successful completion of twelve week curriculum will enable members to improve anger management skills, increase problem solving and coping skills, and enhance communication skills to establish healthy interpersonal relationships. A variety of teaching aides, group methods and learning modalities will be employed to meet the diverse needs of all group members.
Age Groups
  • Adolescents
Health Services
Behavioral / Mental Health
Crisis / Safety
Payment Options
  • Low Cost / Donation
  • Private / Commercial Insurance
  • Sliding Scale / Payment Plans
Language / Culture
  • African / African American
  • American Indian / Navajo
  • Asian
  • Caribbean
  • European
  • Jewish / Hebrew / Yiddish
  • Middle Eastern / Arabic / Muslim
  • Multi-Cultural
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish / Latino / Hispanic

Last Updated: 11/03/17