Monmouth ACTS Financial Recovery Initiative

Financial Recovery Initiative Service Areas

Financial Assistance and Support
  • SNAP enrollment
  • Healthcare enrollment
  • Cash assistance
Financial Coaching and Income Tax Assistance

Housing Assistance
Workforce Development
Nutrition Assistance
Child Care Resources

Financial Assistance and Support

Financial Assistance and Support, includes government subsidies for individuals and low income families, whether newly in need of services or established recipients. Qualifying requires establishing personal income falls below a certain target level. Support is available in areas of nutrition assistance, health care (typically Medicaid insurance application), and Cash subsidies (typically TANF, which stands for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).

Financial Coaching and (Income Tax Assistance)

Financial Coaching and Income Tax Assistance, includes an individualized approach, based on needs, of each person or family. Frequently financial coaching addresses debt management/mediation, family money management skills, credit score improvement. This allows for assessing and guiding an individual to meet their current financial situation and goals.

Housing Assistance

Housing Assistance includes Monmouth County’s housing agency, the Division of Social Services, which is designated as a public housing agency and can provide HUD funding for rental assistance. Housing assistance addresses the needs for rental assistance, as well as case management (i.e. helping individuals understand how to maintain their housing by enhancing personal financial skills and employment skills to increase household income). The goal is to help individuals and families obtain permanent housing. Many network partners provide services in this area. The Affordable Housing Alliance offers support from traditional assistance to permanent housing placement (immediate to long-term housing stability).

Workforce Development

Workforce Development assists individuals with job training, obtaining basic educational requirements for job placement, interviews, and placement into the workforce. Education could include obtaining one’s GED, learning English as a second language, or taking online courses for job re-training purposes. Services can prepare individuals for interviews and placement with established companies.

Nutrition Assistance: Food Sources

Nutrition Assistance is about both assisting individuals and families' need for food, and addressing the impact of poverty on individuals and families through a comprehensive approach. This can include things such as paying for housing expenses, utilities, and access to traditional entitlement programs such as health care (traditionally Medicaid insurance). Proper nutrition means enough food to live a healthy and active life. Service in this area means addressing immediate needs, such as through food pantries, but also directing individuals through a more comprehensive needs approach whether traditional social service support or help with essentials, such as clothing.

Child Care Resources

Childcare resources begin with obtaining guidance from our childcare referral agency which has a network of 390 childcare providers in Monmouth County. It works to assist in finding an appropriate child-care situation and setting. This allows parents to access information to make the best choice for themselves and their children. There are ways to determine what a child’s appropriate care should look like from birth through age 8, from health care to neighborhood safety. There are also before and after school care programs.

Age Groups
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Seniors
Community Services
Basic Needs / Assistance
Employment / Training
Health Services
Areas Served
  • Monmouth County

Last Updated: 09/18/20