Health Provider

Compassionate Counseling Services, LLC

(908) 309-2737

 Compassionate Counseling Services, LLC is an Intensive in Community service provider for the Division of Children's System of Care.  Compassionate Counseling Services currently services the Monmouth County area, providing flexible and time-limited counseling services to children and families in their home environment and community.  Treatment providers assist the child and family with developing adaptive coping strategies to manage behavioral and emotional challenges, strengthen family collaboration and communication and help the child and family maintain a sense of mastery and control over their environment. 

Eligibility Eligibility for IIC services through the Division of Children's System of Care.
Age Groups
  • Children
  • Adolescents
Health Services
Behavioral / Mental Health
Crisis / Safety
Developmental Needs
Treatment Services
In-Community Services
In-Home Services
Outpatient Providers
Payment Options
  • System of Care (CSOCI Medicaid / FlexFunds)
Areas Served
  • Monmouth County

Last Updated: 06/17/18