Socialization Group

Autism Spectrum Social Skills Group

If social situations are a challenge for your child or adolescent, then our social skills group may be of great benefit to assisting them in developing and enhancing their social skills. We offer a weekly social skills group to improve the skills needed to navigate the social challenges of school, family gatherings, public venues and employment. Our groups are also limited in size and are typically 3-5 individuals in each group. We also offer an additional follow-up individual session one time per week via Skype to further solidify social skill development and practice. We would love to help you by assisting you with developing your child's ability to navigate the complicated and often difficult social environment so that they can thrive int he future. Please call us to speak with therapist and schedule your child to begin in our upcoming group starting September 14th!
Age Groups
  • Children
  • Adolescents
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Crisis / Safety
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Last Updated: 08/23/17