Recovery High School Opens In Monmouth County

(732) 705-4000

K.E.Y.S. Academy is the second school of its kind in the state. K.E.Y.S. mission is to provide a rigorous, innovative, and supportive learning environment to students diagnosed with a substance use or dependency disorder seeking a sober lifestyle. The Academy will focus on a blended learning model while integrating behavioral health services, multiple pathways to recovery models including the 12 step recovery model, and wellness programs thereby encouraging students to take ownership of their learning while building a recovery support team.

Nelyda Perez, Assistant Superintendent of Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District stated "K.E.Y.S. Academy looks forward to working with sending District teams to better support our youth toward achieving academic goals, social-emotional growth, and an overall a healthy lifestyle. K.E.Y.S Academy will be accepting student applications beginning November 30, 2017.

For media inquiries and information specific to the recovery high school contact Nelyda Perez at [email protected] or by phone at 732-705-4000