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January 12, 2021

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT about Pandemic EBT/School Meal Assistance

If you received a new green EBT card recently with “Way2Go” written on it, do not ignore it or destroy it! The cards are part of pandemic assistance from September, and do not look like a regular EBT card. They may even appear to have expired on December 30, but they are not expired.

January 1, 2021

Governor Murphy and Superintendent Callahan Announce Administrative Order Clarifying Capacity Limits for Indoor Sports Practices and Competitions and Restrictions on Interstate Youth Sports Competitions

Indoor sports practices and competitions are subject to current indoor gathering limits, which was most recently set at 10 persons. However, a practice or competition can proceed with more than 10 persons if individuals who are not necessary for the activity, such as spectators, are not present.

December 31, 2020  

Driver's license suspensions for non-moving violations no longer mandatory in NJ

It is currently mandatory for judges in the Garden State to issue license suspensions for misdemeanor offenses or failing to pay fines but the law repeals that requirement effective Jan. 1. The law also repeals mandatory license suspensions for convictions related to the sale of illegal drugs and for people who have not paid child support.