NJCIE Summer Inclusion Conference

Tuesday, June 27 -
Wednesday, June 28, 2017
8:00 PM - 4:00 PM


This event has already occurred!

Systems Change: Transforming Current Principles and Procedures to Develop Inclusive Schools for All

Parents, Educators, Support Staff, Administrators, etc., are welcome to attend.

Presenters are teachers, administrators, higher education faculty members, parents, consultants, and self-advocates who are interested in sharing ideas, and who are exceedingly versed, personally experienced and fully committed to making inclusive education work for ALL students

Breakout sessions will feature 60 Workshops over 2 days including these topics:

  • Maintaining an Inclusive Setting: Delving into the IEP and the Least Restrictive Environment Portion
  • Using a Flipped Classroom to provide Special Education and Related Services in an Inclusion Model
  • “People in Motion” Creating authentic inclusive (non- therapeutic) recreational movement opportunities for your child
  • Inclusion and the Co-Teaching Classroom: Partnership for Student Success
  • Community Building for Differentiated Strategies
  • Successfully Transitioning to a Response to Intervention Framework in NJ
  • When the World Loses Hope: How Can Teachers Help Students to Keep Pushing Forward?
  • Easy Individualized Reading Instruction for Struggling Readers
  • Disabling Oppression in K-12 Curricula: Teaching students to recognize ableism in popular culture
  • From an I&RS Team to a Problem-Solving Team
  • Developing Emotional Regulation and Problem Solving Skills in Youth: Social Decision Making Skills an Evidence-Based Model
  • Best Practices in Developing and Implementing Inclusion Programs in the Public Schools
  • Project Lead; Training and Consultation Specialist, Person Centered Approaches in Schools and Transition (PCAST), Respectively
  • New Jersey Tiered Systems of Support (NJTSS)
  • The development of the Increasing Access to College Project at Montclair State University
  • Co-teaching Math within A Response to Intervention Framework
  • Co-teaching Writing in a Data Driven Classroom
  • Adapting your technology classes to a student with a visual impairment
  • Pre-school transformation
  • Strategizing Success for Secondary Co-Teaching
  • Beyond Rewards and Consequences: Class-Wide Applications of Positive Behavior Support for ALL Students
  • Been There, Done That, Now What? Developing Behavior Interventions for Students After Class-Wide Ideas Have Failed
  • Using Google Apps for Education for Universal Design
  • The Best Google Apps for Education (GAFE) Extensions and Add-Ons for Universal Design
Community Services
Employment / Training
Family & Support Services
Health Services
Behavioral / Mental Health
Developmental Needs

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