MHANJ Webinar: Men's Mental Health

Wednesday, May 22, 2019
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Depression is a serious but treatable health condition that affects more than six million American men.

About this Event

Men of all ages, ethnic origins, and walks of life get depressed. Depression can touch every part of your life - how you eat, sleep, work, study and spend your free time. It can take the joy out of life and the things you like to do. And, it affects all the people who care about you - friends, spouses, partners, parents and children. But, you CAN do something about it. Depression can be managed and overcome. Maybe you know of a man who seems depressed. This webinar will show you how to help.

Learning Objectives

Many men experiencing emotional challenges tend to ignore the symptoms of feeling unwell, lost or lonely by thinking the feeling/s will pass soon enough. For those who do seek help they very often do not know where to turn or what questions to ask. These topics and more will be explored.

Participants will gain knowledge on:

• Major health problems affecting men

• Signs and Symptoms of anxiety and depression

• Suicide Warning Signs

• Talking to a Professional Local Resources

This webinar will include a live interview with Malik Carey, M.S. Founder and CEO, Family Healing Center, Livingston, NJ. Tune in to watch as Malik shares his personal story and his success at overcoming seemingly unobtainable odds to achieve his emotional wellness.

OrganizerMHANJ Community Education And Outreach


The Community Education and Outreach Department is dedicated to promoting mental health and decreasing the stigma surrounding mental illness by providing education to enhance awareness and understanding.

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