Information Session: Enrichment Opportunities For Students With Developmental Disabilities

Thursday, September 19, 2019
4:30 AM - 5:00 PM


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Enrichment Opportunities For Students With Developmental Disabilities

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Parents and Students can meet the instructors and learn more about the program. Thursday, Sept 19, 4:30 pm Location: Bankier Library, RM LIB 211, Parking Lot 5 Click here for campus map ?Call 732-224-2315 to register Info Session Code: XEDDD 010

For students who are completing their high school years or have already accepted their diplomas (ages 18 and up.) This program provides continued academic enrichment with a focus on life skills in a college campus setting. Students with developmental disabilities will gain new knowledge, skills and confidence for becoming better recognized, contributing members of our communities.

Academic enrichment curriculum may include: history, literature, civics, current events, and the arts.

Life skills classes give students the opportunity to problem solve issues that affect their lives on a daily basis. Students also discuss their feelings about living with disabilities, obtain tools for overcoming obstacles, and gain empowerment for daily living.

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