Free Early Developmental Screenings

Thursday, October 17, 2019
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM


This event has already occurred!

Community Developmental Screening Program is offered through a grant from Kohl’s Cares and provides free Developmental Screenings for children ages 1-5 in English and Spanish. Families meet with one of our screeners and complete an interactive Ages and Stages Questionnaire-3 that goes over a child’s communication, fine and gross motor skills, problem-solving, and personal social skills.. Results are shared with the families and if their child is found to be at risk for developmental delays, recommendations will be made for further evaluations.

 All families receive resources offering anticipatory guidance. We follow up with families that get recommended for further evaluations.

 In order to best serve families, reservations are required. The phone number for families to call and a link for registration will be included in all the site specific flyers.

 Below is the link for the homepage of the program. It includes a description of the screenings as well as our current schedule of clinics that will be held throughout the state. 

 For additional information and a sample screening, please watch the following video.

Last Updated: 09/19/19