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TimeBanking is a way of exchanging services, where one hour of work earns the volunteer one TimeBank Hour that can be spent on another service.  For instance, if Mark spends one hour babysitting, he earns one TimeBank Hour that can be spent on gardening help from Sheila, who earns a TimeBank Hour to use on knitting lessons from Kate.  Under TimeBanking, every hour of service has equal value (one hour of accounting help = one hour of shoveling a driveway = one hour of companionship with a senior citizen).   

TimeBanking helps to foster ties within neighborhoods, facilitate the creation of new, trusting relationships, and encourage communication and between various groups in a community.  It also demonstrates that everyone has genuine assets and the power to create value with their time: a potent reminder for our youth and others.

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The Core Values of Timebanking:
  1. Everyone is an asset
  2. Some work is beyond a monetary price
  3. Reciprocity in helping
  4. Social networks are necessary
  5. A respect for all human beings


Timebanking Factoids:
  1. “Family dinners and family vacations, or even just sitting and talking with your family, are down by one third in the last 25 years” (“Factoids: About social capital,” n.d.).
  2. There are ~250 TimeBanks in the UK and over 256 TimeBanks in the US. TimeBanks exist worldwide in 26 countries.

Reference:  About Social Capital 



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